Battambang: February 16th-20th

A three hour journey by private car brought us to the relatively small town of Battambang.  This town is a little tattered but charming with its small cafes, temple sites, bat caves, and the best known circus in Cambodia (the amazing Phare Ponleu Selpak).  We managed to see most of the major sites with the exception of the rickety bamboo train which was a mere bamboo platform on a bamboo track. We just didn’t want to take any chances with breaking bones!

We found charming tuk-tuk driver named Dy to take us on all of our journeys while in Battambang. We had a morning that he took us for haircuts and shopping for some essentials. It was wonderful to have our own private interpreter! He also shared many stories of his life in Cambodia which allowed us to feel more in touch with the culture here. We stopped for lunch on our long tour day at a lovely lady’s shop for spring rolls.

We spent a day at the local market gathering some food for our cooking class at Nary’s. There were about 10 other folks from Europe who were very friendly.

We stayed at a lovely place called Delux Villas which was a bit expensive ($55 US per night) but with a pool, fantastic shower, and free breakfast. Denise went off one afternoon to the “Classy Hotel” to take advantage of a $6 foot and leg massage and sauna. 

Cooking class at Nary’s kitchen. Food was amazing!

A long view of the market.

To the market to get our supplies for cooking class.

Dy, Pete, Denise! Dy was a great friend!

A landscape view of the bats! They took an hour to leave the cave estimated at 5 million strong. They are an important part of the ecosystem because they control mosquitos and other flying insects.

The famous fruit bats of Battambang. We had to climb a steep hill for this view. Luckily Dy was there to guide us down. Thanks Dy!

Mountain top temples.

Lazy monkeys at the temple.

The killing caves where many innocent Cambodians were tortured and slaughtered. It was literally a house of horrors. We felt it was important to pay respects to these sites to remember the past so it may never happen again. Always felt teary eyed after visiting these sites.

Another pre-Angorian temple.

Inside the temple pictured below.

Unable to remember the name of this temple, but it was fairly new. Heart to heart talk with our guide and driver Dy regarding the resilience of the Cambodian people, their love of family, and Buddhist faith.

The amazing circus!

Pete after haircut.

Pete before haircut.

After haircut! It is really short!

Denise before haircut.

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